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Times World School

Times World School aims to provide an innovative model of education available to children, teachers, and parents in Dehradun.

For nearly a decade, Times has been at the forefront of developmentally responsive education, providing the ideal conditions for academic success. Our goal is for every child to be a confident, successful learner, who truly enjoys school. The admission committee evaluates each applicant individually for academic readiness. We seek students who will thrive in Times hands-on, project-based educational program. Admission is open to all students. Times has rolling admission on a space-available basis for all grades, kindergarten to Class XII grade.
5 yearClass I

Documents required for application across classes
Transfer certificate from previous school (Class 1 onwards) duly signed by the Principal & (counter signed by Dist. Education Officer of the area in case coming from another state or from ICSE board.)
Birth certificate of the child
Copy of Aadhaar card of the student and both the parents
One extra copy of passport size photograph of the student in school uniform
Copy of report card of previous school
Copy of ID Proof and proof of residence of parents
Write up about child's behaviour, likes and dislikes from the parents of Playgroup, Nursery and KG
Copy of vaccination record
On a A4 sheet give following for your ward’s safety: a. Phone number of one relative in case you don't come to pick the child. b. Phone number of one neighbour in case you are not available. c. Reference of any two persons other than your relative whom you know for more than 5 years
ClassMonthly Fee (Rs.)
I - II3,000
III - V3,100
CBSE graded us in A category while evaluating
A faculty of 50 educators is warily selected on the basis of their subject expertise, good classroom management skills and passion for children and teaching. Their proficiency and skills are timely enhanced through regular exposure to workshops and seminars on recent teaching pedagogy and educational development.
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Times World school boldly asserts that a developmental approach to education is universally valuable for children, and that education can succeed in the face of academic and social challenges.