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Golden Gate Global School
Golden Gate Global School

Golden Gate Global School

It aims to provide quality teaching and learning through a curriculum that enables holistic development of children and prepares them for life situations within a secure, happy and stimulating environment.

Golden Gate Global School recognizes that all children are gifted, talented and have diverse learning styles. The school’s purpose is to help students in the areas of analytical thinking, communication, spiritual awareness, self-assessment and social skills so that they excel in all spheres of life and to nurture the unique skills of all children, develop in them a sense of aesthetics, teach them to be respectful of the beliefs, culture and views of others, and inculcate in them values such as care, consideration, cooperation, honesty, respect and openness.
Age criteria
2.5-16 years

Documents required for application across classes
Passport size photograph of children and parents
ID proofs of parents
TC and Report Card of previous Class and School
Pre-Nursery to UKG: Admission fee10,000
Pre-Nursery to UKG: Registration fee1,500
Pre-Nursery to UKG: Annual composite fee61,800

Class I to X: Admission fee10,000
Class I to X: Registration fee1,500
Class I to X: Annual composite fee67,800
Interschool Yoga Competition held at Springfields College
Interschool elocution championship at DGPS
Interschool skit championship at DGPS
Fancy dress competition at Delhi Global Public School
Debate competition at Global Public School
Participation in National Science Olympiad, Hindustan Olympiad, Petroleum Conservation and resource art competition, National Spell Bee
Participation in social welfare events
Vibrant classrooms and learning areas
Art & craft room
Music room
Dance room
Kindergarten activity room
Counseling room
Swimming pool
Indoor sports
Golden Gate Global School

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Dr. Sachin Ghawri

Dr. Sachin GhawriPrincipal

Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached. “There is only one purpose in the whole of life education," as said by Swami Vivekananda. Education, it’s said, forms the plinth of one’s life and career. School is an extended home for children. However, teachers and parents today should be more of friends and confidantes and less of tutors. Education must not be limited to books but it must also inculcate respect, ethics, and values among the children. Every child is special and unique. In today’s world of excessive competition and peer pressure, a student potential must be realized, coupled with a systematic approach.