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Dharam Samaj Bal Mandir Sr. Sec. School
Dharam Samaj Bal Mandir Sr. Sec. School

Dharam Samaj Bal Mandir Sr. Sec. School

Dharam Samaj Bal Mandir Sr. Sec. School creates a community that is always ready to meet challenges. We will inspire every child to reach his full potential. We will value every child as an individual in his thorough development.

The founder of the Dharam Samaj group-of-organizations, philanthropist Rai Bahadur Badri Prasad Ji, was born in the prosperous family of Lala Ram Narayan ji in Agra. Their ancestors were originally from Narnaul, who sometime in the past left Narnaul and settled at Agra. Rai Saheb ji was born at Agra but he did not live there permanently and went to Delhi. In the year 1856, he had to come to Aligarh leaving Delhi due to political reasons and he remained here up to the last day, of magnificent journey of his life which was full of spiritual practices and deep meditation, i.e. up to 9 August, 1897 A.D. Thus, from the year 1856 to the year 1897, that is to say, for a long duration of 41 years, Aligarh remained his field of work. During these 41 years, Rai Saheb ji contributed so much in the field of education that citizens of Aligarh became highly grateful to him and memory of Rai sahib ji became immortal to the city. It seems totally impossible that the world of education in Aligarh may ever be indebted from his debt. Rai saheb ji was animated by Vedic Dharma and was a true follower of Mahrishi Dayanand. On Falgun Krishna paksha (spring season, waning moon) Saptami, Vikram Samvat 1927 (year 1870 A.D.), due to his good inspiration and efforts, an assembly named “Satya Dharam Samaj” was established, the rule book of which stated the first aim of it in these words – “To strive to attain the best dharma, as said in Vedas and devotion and knowledge and leaving of false knowledge, over attachment.” Hisdevotion for the spread of education was so instinct that he donated land for the establishment of Dharam Samaj Bal Mandir. The students who have studied here and will study in future, will always be gratitude to his great work.
Age criteria
3+ for Nursery Class

Documents required for application across classes
DOB Certificate for Nursery class & TC
Marksheet of previous school and previous class for upper classes
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D.S. Bal Mandir Sr. Sec. School, Aligarh is a co-educational institute."OUR SCHOOL MOTTO IS- INSPIRING EXCELLENCE THROUGH EXAMPLE, ENDEAVOUR AND ENCOURAGEMENT". We aim to create a vibrant and progressive culture and a climate of continuous innovation. Our ethos is one of the ambition and achievement, striving for high standards and the maximum for every learner. D.S.Bal Mandir Sr. Sec. School, Aligarh has a strong tradition of high standards of pupil’s achievements and this is reflected in the expectations held by staff for pupils, in terms of their attitude, approach and application to learning, school discipline, respect for others, appearance and attendance. We value the need for clear expectations, rules and procedures, which encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions. Well established routines and clear communication contribute to a sense of well-being, safety and security for each child. We aim to create an orderly, caring and calm environment in which teacher can teach and children can learn. Central to the creation of this environment is a commitment to Indian values, the recognition of the worth and value of each child and the cultivation of self-respect, so that the child may accept his/her appropriate responsibilities and show respect to others. We aim to establish a community wherein pupils, teachers, parents and support staff, enjoy a sense of belonging and have an important role to play. We are open to all children and their parents and believe that diversity in the school community enhances the educational experience.
Vast playground, well ventilated assembly area and spacious classrooms.Modern kindergarten featuring landscapes, play court and swings.Well equipped library with educational CDs and books.Ultramodern computer laboratory equipped with the latest hardware and educational software seperate for senior and junior wings.Well equipped, modern science lab for Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Music Room / Dancing Room.Close monitoring of school activities through CCTV. Audio – visual room.Language Labs. Art and Craft rooms with an ambience to develop creativity. Mathematics Labs to understand most abstract concepts in playway. Auditorium with a seating capacity of 250.State of the Art Activity lab with seating capacity of 200.
Dharam Samaj Bal Mandir Sr. Sec. School

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In this school we aim to mould the soft impressionable minds of the students to perfection through careful nurturing, loving guidance and friendly attitude so as develop them to their utmost potential. We wish to make them original thinkers, responsible citizens and above all good human beings who are ready to contribute for the upliftment of their family, surrounding and in the process their nation.