Classes will be held online in 2021 and every child will join – Shiksha Shetra

Classes will be held online in 2021 and every child will join

If we were told a few years ago that children could get a good education even without going to school, we might have it as a joke or, even, denied it. But the year 2020 turned it into a reality. Who thought that children would sit front of the screen of mobile phone or computer / laptop for later study. Gone are the days when teachers only wrote and taught on the blackboard. In 2021, children will be taught using photos, graphics, and video so that children can understand things quickly and easily.

Let us tell you which technologies will be used to provide education to children in 2021 to make their future bright.

Virtual Classroom
Through this, children sitting in any part of the world will be able to convert that place into a classroom and they can clear their basics by questioning-answering their teachers without any hesitation.

Personalized Learning
Every child has a different ability to learn. While someone learns quickly, others might take time to understand same thing, and you know that when a teacher teaches in the classroom, he or she not only teaches a child, rather he or she teach the entire group of students sitting in that class together, because of this they are often unable to focus on all the children. In this episode, personal education has come as a boon for every child. With this, every child can learn things according to their speed and ability.
Virtual and Augmented Reality
This is the most revolutionary way of learning things practically. If children are reading about the solar system or a city, then with the help of virtual reality, they can see and feel all those things very closely and, thereby, increase their pace of learning.

You must remember that until a few years ago, whenever a relative came to our house, he would definitely ask the children whether he knew A, B, C, D or not; or, if they knew the tables by heart. But things have completely changed now. When relatives come home, they ask the children whether they know coding or not. Children can learn programming and animation through coding. It makes learning fun and enhances their skills.
Along with all these things, technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and cloud-based learning will dominate in 2021. Those days are gone, when children would be burdened by school bags which weighted more than their weight. Now it is the age of the Internet, the era of digital and online classes, in which technologies are being used to teach children in a practical and entertaining way. Along with this, now teachers are also tracking their online homework along with tracking performance of child.